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Why the name Emmaus Tax?

In the Gospel according to Luke 24:13-30 the scripture speaks about two disciples leaving the grave site of Jesus and heading to a village called Emmaus. As they begin their journey they conversed about all that they had witnessed of the crucifixion and the empty grave. Jesus joined them on their journey. The disciples did not know that the stranger walking with them was Jesus. Once they arrived at Emmaus the disciples plead with Jesus to join them for a meal. Jesus accepted their invitation. Jesus blessed and broke bread with them. When they realized the stranger was Jesus, the bible says Jesus vanished. Afterwards the disciples understood they were never alone. Even at the darkest moments of your life you are never alone. With Emmaus you never walk alone!

We also provide the following FREE services:

  • Answers to your tax questions 

  • Financial Advice

  • IRS Audit Assistance

  • If we prepared your tax return, we will amend your return (by request)

Emmaus Motto: We are your Ears


Emmaus Tax & Financial Services are your EARS:

1. Educated our Customers
2. Advocate for our Customers
3. Resolve IRS issues
4. Service: Quality Service 24 hours day.

We stand between you and the  Internal Revenue Services (IRS) matters.


Local Tax Prepares: Austin, Round Round, Houston Dallas, Texas


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